Our Customers

PAXcam Microscope Cameras are the tool of choice for thousands of companies around the globe.  The company logos presented here demonstrate a small sampling of the valued PAXcam users that rely on PAXcam Microscope Cameras and PAX-it Digital Microscope Software.  PAXcam along with PAX-it image analysis software have been industry leading tools for microscope laboratories for over 25 years.

In 2015 PAX-it & PAXcam provide incredible value and power to the clients we count as users.    The robust and varied feature-rich microscope imaging solutions from MIS provide labs with effective and potent tools unique to PAXcam.   We invite you to examine the capacity of PAX-it and PAXcam to meet your requirements.  Whether your lab requirement is industrial focused or involved in life science, PAXcam is a solution worth seriously considering.     MIS provides imaging solutions to fields including microelectronics, metallurgy, crime labs/forensic imaging, failure analysis, failure analysis/QC, paint & coatings, gemology.  We also have thousands of users in the life sciences such as pathology, pharmaceutical research, education and telemedicine.

MIS continues to provide innovation in the imaging market since 1988.  It has often been said that more images have been viewed, captured, measured, analyzed, shared and documented with PAXcam and PAX-it than any other microscopic imaging tool.

PAXcams integrate easily and seamlessly with all brands of microscope equipment.  PAXcam units are found worldwide on Huvitz, Prior, Zeiss, Leica, Nikon & Olympus devices, just to name a few.

We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate how PAXcam and PAX-it can assist your lab today!

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