Failure analysis and quality control work for the aerospace industry requires special consideration for exacting standards and unique requirements.   PAXcam produces images with fine detail for critical measurements and image analysis routines, available through the integrated PAX-it software modules.

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Whether your images come from a PAXcam on a macrostand, stereozoom microscope, metallograph, or a hand-held Depth Cam probe for measuring depth of scratches and pits on large parts, the image capture is a quick and easy process.   Presets are available for standard routines, while manual controls allow for flexibility in setting up for the special case.   The PAX-it software tools complement the image capture sequence by extending your capabilities, with image archiving and sorting functions, image processing tools, and a full suite of measurement and analysis tools with detailed reporting capabilities.    Through the PAX-it scripting and motorized microscopy controls, automated imaging routines may be set up for repetitive analytical sequences.

Let us show you how PAXcam and PAX-it can aid your lab’s image gathering, image sharing, measurement, analysis and reporting requirements.

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