Teaching and Research Lab Cameras

PAXcam digital cameras are available in a variety of models, from routine cameras for educational labs, to high resolution cameras for specialized microscopy applications.

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PAXcam on Education MicroscopeTurnkey systems are available, including stereozoom or compound microscopes outfitted with PAXcam, or macrostand configurations.  Or, add a PAXcam to your existing microscope via its phototube or eyepiece tube!

Live views of the microscope field of view are shown on your computer screen or through your projector, and still images or video clips may be easily captured.   With PAX-it software, you may archive your images in a searchable collection or reference library, with tools for annotation, measurement, production of reports and presentations, and much more!   PAX-it is your centralized location for image processing functions, side-by-side image viewing for comparisons, and easy production of reports and handouts via our special links to MS-Office applications.

 For the more advanced educational labs, PAXcam cameras are available for fluorescence microscopy and other optical techniques.   Image analysis functions may be used from the optional PAX-it software module, for specialized counting and measurements, including reporting.

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