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PAXcam cameras are used in many life science applications where image detail and nuances of color are critical. Applications range from brightfield microscopy of stained histological slides, phase contrast microscopy for in vitro fertilization, fluorescence microscopy for cell biology studies, stereozoom microscopy for necropsy in pharmaceutical labs, and much more.

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When integrated with PAX-it software and its optional modules, the imaging tools are expanded to include an easy means for cataloguing captured images and sharing them with colleagues, image processing tools, and reporting tools.  Stitching of adjacent fields of view for larger overviews, fusion of focal planes, blending of color channels, and many more image processing functions are supported in the basic PAX-it software features.

Optional tools to expand the capabilities further include measurement and analysis tools fitted for life science applications, including morphometric analysis, area fractions for color thresholding, optical profiles for otolith measurement  (“tree ring” analysis), and much more.

Motorized microscope controls and scripting tools are also available, to aid in the collection of images and data.  Contact us for more information!

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