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PAXcam and PAX-it! Metallurgy and Metallography Software:

Quantitative Image Analysis Software serving the Material Science Industries.

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Image taken with Metallurgy and Metallography SoftwarePAXcam easily attaches to your upright or inverted metallograph, and allows easy acquisition of high resolution images.   Images are suitable for reports, presentations, measurements, and image analysis functions, and PAX-it software may be integrated with your PAXcam to provide flexible tools for metallographic measurements, analysis, and reporting.

When your material testing requirements demand the most accurate, dependable, and easy-to-use optical imaging software, think first of PAX-it! PAX-it has been an industry leader in providing digital imaging acquisition and analysis software for the material science world for over twenty five years.

Whether you work in a quality control or quality assurance lab, or if you’re in production or inspection, PAX-it provides leading edge digital imaging software for a wide variety of metallurgical and materials science applications.

PAX-it and PAXcam are found in the world’s leading companies serving the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, metal fabrication, foundry, welding, and other materials related industry.  Save money and time by using PAX-it to quickly create professional metallography and materials science reports for design, fabrication, testing, quality control, failure analysis, and more .

PAX-it will improve your workflow, whether you analyze powdered metal, graphite in cast iron, heat treat, gray iron, powder metal, copper, or other materials. If you need to identify martensite, pearlite, ferrite, austenite or any other material, let PAX-it do the work for you. Easily capture, tag, annotate and archive images into your PAX-it database.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can manually measure or perform automated image analysis routines on your samples. PAX-it makes creating reports easy with its report generation link to standard applications such as Microsoft Word® or Excel®, allowing you to incorporate your images directly into customizable report templates.

Do you need to quickly retrieve information for a customer or co-worker? With PAX-it, you can quickly search your database of metallurgy images, notes, or reports based on different search criteria. You get your answers in seconds rather than hours.

Do you have more lab technicians than metallographs? Do you need to free up the equipment quickly so that others can use it? With PAX-it, users can capture and save their metallurgy or metallography images to the network so that they can do their analyses and reporting at their desks. PAX-it is perfect for sharing data. Share entire PAX-it collections between departments on your network, email images or reports to customers directly from within PAX-it, or share live microscopy views with customers outside your facility, or remote colleagues, via PAXcam CONNECT.

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PAX-it! has many powerful image analysis features. A partial list includes:
• ASTM Grain Size Analysis
• Plating Thickness
• Particle Count and Distribution
• Porosity
• Nodularity
• Ferrite/Pearlite
• ASTM Flake Size Classification


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