Paints and Coatings

Paint Analysis, Dirt Analysis, Coatings & Layers

PAXcam images and PAX-it imaging software are used in a wide variety of paint analysis, dirt analysis, coating thickness and layer thickness applications, saving companies time and money. Capture PAXcam images and organize them in the PAX-it database, storing database information, notes and annotations with each image.   Create your own library of reference images, and an archive of samples that have been measured, analyzed, and reported.

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Paitn & Coatings Interface

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You can save unique information with each image, allowing you to search for images in the PAX-it database and know the conditions under which they were captured.

When you encounter a problem on your paint production line, you can use the database search functions to search your dirt library for matches based on specific criteria. Matches can be found in a matter of seconds, rather than spending hours searching through books of printed reference materials. Once the match is found, you can retrieve all of the other pertinent information about that image from the PAX-it collection.

PAX-it software is also invaluable as a tool to analyze layers and coatings. With the PAX-it image analysis software, you can perform quick, consistent, repeatable analyses and easilyi create reports from templates.   Let us show you how easily this is done!

You can use PAX-it to store the following types of images and files:

  • Layer cross sections
  • Coating thickness sections
  • Fibers
  • Craters
  • Dirt and other foreign materials
  • SEM images
  • Images from stereozoom scopes, metallographs, and macrostands
  • Reports, presentations, scanned images, documents, video clips, other digital file types
Paint Layer image

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Use PAXcam to capture images from microscopes in the lab, or in a paint booth, or import images from a hand-held camera on the plant floor. Use PAX-it networking software to tie various locations or departments together.  This creates a quick and easy method for sharing a searchable database of images and reports– betweens sites, with engineers, suppliers or others in a secure, user-permissioned environment.

For immediate help with quality issues, use the PAXcam CONNECT system to stream a live microscope view to a colleague at a remote location.  No need to overnight samples or wait for help; live streaming gives an instantly accessible view through your microscope, from across the hall or around the world!


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