PAXcam is well suited to petrography and light microscopy studies of mineral thin sections, ore and core samples.  Using reflected light microscopy for thick sections, or transmitted light for thin sections, brightfield and polarized light microscope images can be viewed, captured, stored, and analyzed using the PAXcam and integrated PAX-it software.

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of Petrography images

Geology students and petrography professionals will benefit from reference libraries of images produced by PAXcam and stored in the easily referenced PAX-it collection.   Everything from thick, opaque ore samples to polished thin sections and even dispersed liquids can be viewed live, captured, shared with others.  Data collection for petrographic analysis is easily accomplished through PAX-it and PAXcam’s easy-to-use workflow.

Overlapping views may be tiled for large feature analysis, porosity reports yield information on area fractions and pore size distribution, and simple measurement tools allow quantification of features such as length, area, color, and density.  For the lab requiring automated data collection there are motorized and scripted routines available for unmanned operation.

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