QA/QC-Failure Analysis-Inspection

Failure Analysis-Inspection MicroscopeDocumentation of inspections for Quality Control issues, Quality Assurance issues, and Failure Analysis has never been easier.   Use the PAXcam USB microscope camera to easily capture high resolution images of notable fields of view, and then use your integrated PAX-it software to communicate with others what you have seen.

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for PAXcam QA/QC-failure analysis-inspection images

Features include:

  • Easy capture and annotation of images, to point out features
  • Measure features, with immediate summary stats
  • Quick reporting and presentation tools
  • Easily attach images to email with one click
  • Share images, data, and reports with others
  • Combine with the CONNECT system to share live streams with remote personnel for real-time discussion of quality issues
  • Combine with motorized stages for automated inspection systems
  • Combine with the PAX-it Image Analysis module to auto-detect and measure features
Live Measurement Screengrab

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You may be interested in:

PAXcam CONNECT for live streaming of the camera view for remote consultation

PAX-it software for image management, annotation, reporting

Basic Measurement and reporting

Live Measurement without the need to capture images

Image Analysis software, including macros

Motorized Stage software for automated inspection and analysis

Additional components:  Stereozoom Scopes, Depth Microscope, Lensing, Motorized Stages



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