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Semiconductor fabrication and microelectronics manufacturing requires a myriad of optical inspection, measurement, and imaging requirements. The PAXcam family of digital microscope cameras and PAX-it! software fit the needs of the various R&D, process engineering, photolithography, QC testing, and failure analysis aspects of device design and manufacturing.   PAXcam and its integrated PAX-it! software can complement each step, from concept through production, product assembly, and final testing.

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Multi Layer Integrated CircuitThe PAXcam camera, installed on a microscope in the wafer fab clean room or QC lab bench, offers an improved workflow for imaging, measurements, and reporting, due to the integrated PAX-it software’s ease of use. The digital imaging format eliminates the need for hard copy printing or film.  Say goodbye to their slow speed and potential for particulate generation (contamination), and free up valuable bench space. PAXcam images are stored digitally on the network, and network printers can produce photographic-quality prints outside of the fab or lab environment. Word, Excel, or Power Point documents and presentations can be easily produced and shared as well, using PAX-it!’s report generator. In addition, with a networked PAX-it! installation, engineers and management outside of the clean room or lab can view images, notes, and measurement information stored in the PAX-it! database.   No need to gown up, or to be at the imaging computer in order to see the captured images.  PAXcam may also be used with its optional CONNECT “Live Remote Viewing” module, where consultants outside of the fab can share the camera’s realtime live view with the operator in the clean room, while they scan, inspect, or measure a sample inside the lab! This great feature allows for real time consultations based on the microscopic view, without having to be gowned up and at the scope itself, or for QC lab views to be shared with engineers or experts at remote locations.

Semiconductor CD MeasuremenIn maintaining the process in the wafer fab, it is often necessary to measure the “critical dimensions” of various geometries on the device. With the PAX-it! Image Analysis module used in conjunction with an optical microscope, users can measure line widths and other features automatically and very repeatably using measurement routines created with the PAX-it! measurement wizard. SEM images are also compatible with PAX-it! and can be stored in the database, measured, and reported on from within the PAX-it! environment.

If you support a semiconductor fab or microelectronics manufacturing facility, a PAXcam digital microscope camera is the perfect accessory for you! The PAXcam family of cameras offers the following:

  • Multiple resolution cameras to meet your specific application and budget
  • Easy, one-cable connection from the camera to your computer’s USB2 port
  • PAX-it! Image Database Software comes standard with the camera, to database your high-resolution images, search, annotate images, automatically create reports and documents; cameras also include a TWAIN interface for use with other imaging software
  • Capture images directly into report templates
  • Capture images and upload them to an MS-Office application or an FTP site with one click
  • View the device features under your microscope in real time on your computer monitor
  • Attach PAXcam to most common semiconductor microscopes, metallographs, and stereozoom microscopes using c-mount digital microscope camera adapters; through a microscope trinocular head or photoport.
  • Scientific-grade chip in the camera produces spectacular images without interpolation, distortion, or “dead pixels”
  • Optional upgrades for digital measurements, network site licensing, image analysis, Critical Dimension measurements, or remote consultation via live streaming
  • Optional upgrade to Motorized Microscope control, for automated documentation and analysis

PAXcam digital microscope cameras are used in semiconductor fabs and microelectronics manufacturing plants around the world.  Contact us to request pricing information or to discuss the options you have with PAXcam.




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