PAXcam Gross Imaging System

The standard PAXam Gross Imaging System is affordable and is a fully integrated system.  It is completely outfitted with a boom-arm stand, lighting, zoom lens for variable magnifications, PAXcam digital camera for live preview and still image capture, PAX-it! software for image archiving and workflow, a footswitch, and shelves for laptop and illuminator.

PAXcam Gross Imaging SystemMain features of this system include:

  • Designed to mount directly over the pathology grossing area–no need to move your specimens to a central copystand for imaging.
  • Long working distance lens means the camera assembly is away from the specimens so it does not interfere with gross specimen handling.
  • Focus and zoom adjustments are easily controlled by hand, rather than by footswitch.  Our unique lens handles may be covered or cleaned, meaning there is no need to handle the lens itself while making quick zoom and focus adjustments.
  • Three-button footswitch is programmed for camera functions including image capture.
  • Many zoom ranges are possible, depending upon the distance above the surface where the system is locked.  For example, the standard PAXcam zoom lens can be set to zoom from a 8.5″ x 11″  field of view to 1.75″ x 2″ at 30 inches working distance.  Or, for extremely magnified views it can be set to zoom from  0.4 x 0.5″ field of view to 2 x 2.75″ at  8 inches working distance.  This allows views from inside a tissue cassette out to full liver, uterus, placenta, etc.   An alternative lens has wider fields of views (24” wide at 30” working distance) for whole intestines, double lung sets, etc.  and able to zoom in to 4” wide fields.  User can choose the working distance and zoom range combination that works best for their application.
  • Unlike a copy stand, the lighting is cold light, and moves with the camera, rather than being fixed on bulky side arms.
  • Unlike a copy stand, the assembly is on a retractable arm so it can be pushed back out of the way when not in use.
  • gross-stand-closeupWhile  zooming through the zoom range, there is no need to readjust the lighting or to refocus.
  • Lighting can be adjusted by the user to be straight down on sample for even, shadow-free illumination, or may be angled from the side to cast shadows for specimens with relief features.  Optional lighting configurations are availabe, including light bars, LED illumination, and more.
  • PAX-it Quicksave function allows macro images to automatically be put into folders by accession number (or other user-defined database field entry).  When micro shots are taken with the compatible PAX-it microscope setup, those images automatically find that same case folder based on the accession number and are placed there.
  • PAX-it Annotation functions allow templated annotations to be overlaid on captured images, for example, to indicate block preparation or cutting angles.
  • The  PAXcam TWAIN interface is compatible with most pathology lab A/P imaging components to capture images directly into your case management software as well.
  • Optional PAXcam CONNECT module may be used to stream a live view of the grossing procedure to another site on your network (or over the internet) for remote consultation. Perfect for live telepathology.
  • Options include a range of PAXcam models to fit your needs and budget.
  • Optional configurations also include a wallmount unit, benchtop or cart mount, and a wheeled floorstand for pulling over an autopsy table or portability from bench to bench.
    Choose the configuration that fits your pathology lab needs.
  • Utilizes PAXcam state-of-the-art microscopic camera technology.

PAXcam Macrostand Options



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