Basic Measurement

The PAX-it! Measurement Module allows you to measure, annotate, and analyze your images with just a few clicks. Create written reports that include the raw data obtained, a summary table of statistics, image database information, PLUS the images involved. When it comes to reporting, a picture is invaluable in communicating the results that were found.

measurement tools

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There is no need to learn a complicated, hard-to-use additional piece of software.  The PAX-it Measurement software is an add-on module that is integrated  into the PAX-it image archiving system.

Measurements Include:

  • Point-to-point linear measurement
  • Angle measurements
  • Radius and diameter on ellipse
  • Area and perimeter for ellipse or rectangle
  • Length of segmented lines
  • Area and perimeter of irregular shapes
  • Manual counter for tagging and summing events
  • Arc/Ellipse/Circle measurements including definition of center point, chord lengths, sweep angles, and radii
  • Parallel line calipers for defining multiple layers or zones
  • Live measurements on the PAXcam live preview are possible with the PAX-it Live Measurement Module
  • Even more measurement and analysis tools are available in the PAX-it Image Analysis Module

Additional Features:

  • All of PAX-it’s measurements are stored as overlays or annotations. They all have the same easy-to-use features such as multiple levels of undo/redo, grouping, save & reload, transfer to reports, etc.
  • Measurements may be named, to quickly drop a line, angle, arc or other measurement with a pre-defined name.
  • Measurement attributes may also be stored and reused.  For example, a “Gap Width” measurement line may be stored with its title, font, and color characteristics so that it displays differently than a “Stock Width” measurement line.
  • Use  PAX-it’s Measurement Tolerance Indicator to automatically tell you if a measurement falls out of specifications.
Measurement Tools

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  • Built in calibration interface is easy to use.
  • Images can be measured using microns, millimeters, centimeters, inches, pixels, feet, meters, and mils.
  • Place scale bars on top of the image.
  • Measurement lines may be extended or trimmed relative to other measurement objects, for easy alignment.
  • Measurement overlays are included with the image in printed reports.
  • Measurement statistics are generated in an easy-to-use format.
  • Report templates may be created in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.
  • Auto-numbering of measurement lines. If you start with measuring “Leg1”, the next measurement line will automatically be titled “Leg2”.
  • Measurement items may be drawn starting at the nearest, midpoint, center, endpoint, tangent, perpendicular or intersection of other measurement items. PAX-it will automatically adjust the starting point of these annotations per your request.
  • Calibration log is maintained, and calibrations may be updated on old images, if desired.

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