Critical Dimension Measurement

PAX-it “CD Module” for Critical  Dimension Metrology

An optical critical dimension software tool for the PAX-it Image Analysis Module

Features of this tool include:

  • Fast and repeatable measurement tool, available stand-alone or as an upgrade to any optical microscope

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  • Ability to set critical dimension measurements to inside edges, outside edges, or pitch measurements
  • Ability to select a desired % threshold target
  • Configurable Optical Profile display allows for easy viewing of edges and thresholds
  • Measurement Tests can be configured and saved for repeated use
  • Measure horizontal, vertical, and curved critical dimensions with reliability and repeatability
  • Multiple-pass measurements allow for multiple automatic measurements within a single field of view
  • Data can be exported to a spreadsheet automatically, or full measurement data reports can be generated in MS Word® or MS Excel®
  • Can be bundled with the PAX-it Motorized Stage Module and Scripting for fully automated and programmed focus – capture – archive – measure – and report
  • Ideal for process control in photolithography and related applications in Semiconductor, MEMS, Microfluidics, LED, LCD, Flat Panel Display, Photovoltaic / Solar, and similar technologies

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