Image Analysis

The optional PAX-it Image Analysis Module provides an integrated, simple way to perform analysis on your images. It includes all the features of the Basic Measurement module, and adds an additional set of powerful image analysis tools.

The PAX-it image analysis software provides the most commonly sought measurement tools, while leaving out the confusion and cumbersome nature of most other image analysis software. All of the image analysis features can be run from an easy-to-use wizard that steps you through the entire process of analyzing your images. Routines that you create through the wizard can be saved and recalled later as a customized script.

enhanced measurement modulePAX-it! Image Analysis tools allow you to quickly and easily detect objects by shape, size, color and other criteria.  Filters may be applied to disregard objects of certain shapes, or to split the results into size categories.

Specific routines are built in for Materials Science imaging applications, including coating thickness detection, porosity analysis, nodularity analysis, ferrite-pearlite calculations, grainsizing, flake size distribution, and more.  Design your own routine for area fractions or detection of objects via thresholding, for a customized analysis and report that is specific to your lab’s needs.

PAX-it makes reporting simple. All image measurements are displayed in an easy to read table format. This image analysis information can be included as an overlay on the image, used in the PAX-it report generation link with Microsoft Word®, or Excel®, so you can chart and graph your results. PAX-it will also allows you to store your measurements in the database so that searches may be conducted on measurement results.  The advantage to you is that instead of just reporting numbers, the PAX-it image analysis software creates a report that includes a picture of the sample or samples that were analyzed, an indication on the image as to where the measurements were taken, the raw numbers obtained, and the summary statistics and graphs. All with just a few clicks of the mouse!

All Image Analysis routines may be defined once, then stored as a macro for one-click recall for repetitive analyses.  Combine these powerful image analysis tools with our Motorized Stage Module and Scripting Module to create automated image analysis routines!

PAX-it!’s intelligent software, combined with easy-to-use wizards and re-usable scripts, increase productivity and help eliminate user error.

  • Nodularity
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Plating Thickness/Coating Thickness
  • Ferrite/Pearlite
  • Porosity
  • Area Fractions
  • Morphometry
  • Optical Profiles
  • Critical Dimension Metrology
  • Grain Size
  • Flake Size and Classification
  • Data Processing & Reporting
  • Object Shape and Size Categories


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