Network Site License

Networking your organization with PAXcam and the integrated PAX-it software:

  • A PAX-it network site license allows users from multiple workstations, departments, or facilities to share common collections of images, reports, and other assets.
  • Shared areas on the server may be used for storing the PAX-it collection, making it accessible across the network
  • Images and reports stored to the PAX-it network are immediately available for viewing at other workstations
  • Network licensing is by concurrent user (not total computers on the network), for affordable pricing
  • Use PAX-it acquisition stations to capture images in the lab, and a network site license to work with the images at your desk, freeing up the acquisition station for other users.
  • PAX-it software modules for Measurement, Image Analysis, Scripting, and more may be included in the site license.

An example of the PAX-it Network Site License to streamline image collection and sharing in a Pathology Lab environment:

PAXcam for macro images of gross specimens at Workstation A, sends images to the shared area on the fileserver.

Later when the microscopic images are taken at other Workstations,  the images are automatically filed into the same case folder or project folder on the fileserver.

At any time, images from cases that are captured from any of the microscope workstations may be viewed by any of the networked users, simply by accessing the PAX-it collection on the Shared Area of the server.

A simple, direct workflow that shares images immediately with colleagues.

Realtime sharing of LIVE views is also possible over the network, using the PAXcam CONNECT telemicroscopy module!



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