Overview of PAX-it Software Modules

The PAX-it family of software products from MIS, Inc.

Organize, Database, Annotate, Communicate with your images.  Easy-to use, powerful, and flexible system for managing your imaging projects.  Includes tools for image processing functions like image stitching, image fusion, image blending, and more.
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Basic Measurement:
Linear, area, ellipse, arc, angle, calipers, and many more measurements, with easy reporting of results into user-defined templates.  Option for conducting the measurements on the live preview image from the PAXcam digital camera, without the need for image capture.
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Image Analysis:
Thresholding for auto-detection of objects, with a range of data available for found objects. User-defined routines may be saved and applied, and flexible report templates are available, to allow customization for your application.
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Network Site License:
Run PAX-it software with shared components from your fileserver.  Multiple client workstations may share common image collections and archived files.
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PAXcam CONNECT Live Streaming Software:
A great tool for collaboration and consultation, allowing remote viewers to look at your sample with you in ‘live’ mode. Perfect for telepathology and other relevant applications
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CD/DVD Creator:
Burn PAX-it projects to read-only media for back up, for sharing, and for offline archiving with special links back to the master database.  PAX-it structure may be maintained (including associations with notes, database information, measurements, and more), or the images may simply be exported to CD to share with others.

Critical Dimension Module:
Accurately and repeatably measure microstructures by setting optical profile parameters for detected edges of features.  Store routines for inner vs. outer edges, custom filtering, and more.  Perfect toolset for wafer fab and other semiconductor applications.
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Motorized Stage Module:
Drive a motorized stage and focus mechanisms in X, Y, and Z from PAX-it software. Includes features for defining repeatable regions of interest and fields of view, and for making measurements that extend beyond the current field of view. Also includes the PAX-it Scripting Module for creating automated routines for collecting and analyzing images from microscopic samples.
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Scripting Module:
Create multi-step routines using PAX-it functions in a scripted workflow that can be started with a button click.  Scripting includes functions for image management, image analysis, and reporting, as well as control of camera, stage, and focus hardware. Using the PAXcam cameras and the motorized stage module (below), scripts for automated microscopy may be created.
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Extended Security Module:
Lock down assets for heightened security according to 21CFR Part 11 requirements. Allows digital signatures on assets, validates assets as unchanged from the original version, and provides audit trails of user activity.
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Thermal Stage Control:
Control Linkam hotstages for temperature ramps and setpoints, and capture timed sequences of events for archiving, notes, and playback.
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Custom programming:
MIS, Inc. is a software development firm specializing in imaging applications.  Custom-designed software can be implemented to your specifications to satisfy needs regarding workflow or analytical routines, for specialized applications.  If off-the-shelf software cannot meet your needs, let us build something for you!
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