PAX-it Image Database Software

paxit-imaging-software-lgPAX-it! images are stored in an electronic filing system for orgainizing your image collection.   Organize your imaging projects by subject, technique, supplier, technician, or other method that is most logical for your application.  Groups, and subgroups within them allow multiple levels of organization, titled by the user for easy browsing.

When a project folder is opened, the icons or “thumbnails” are displayed for the images, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, and other items that are stored inside the folder. Clicking on the thumbnails and appropriate toolbar buttons allows you to easily access the display, output, processing, and management functions available in PAX-it.

Behind the simple filing system for browsing by organized topics, each item stored in a PAX-it collection also resides in a user-defined, powerful database, allowing searches across all cabinets and folders!

Key PAX-it Features:

  • Simple organizational storage system with multiple levels
  • Thumbnails help you identify your images within project folders
  • “QuickSave” images in seconds, to user-defined project locations
  • Store images with or without user definable JPEG compression
  • Store images to optical, removable or network drives
  • Store reports, spreadsheets, presentations and other file types in PAX-it project folders also!
  • Powerful relational database allows you to access images fast, across many project folders
  • Copy or move images or folders with just a few clicks
  • Annotate images with cirlces, arrows, text
  • Process images for fusion of focal planes, stitching large views, background subtraction, etc
  • Create powerful slide shows right within PAX-it, or insert your images from PAX-it directly into MS-Powerpoint
  • Easily create reports in MS-Word or MS-Excel
  • E-mail images right from the thumbnail
  • Search your cabinets and folders (see below)
  • Expand your capabilities by adding optional software modules for additional functions, including measurements, image analysis, and much more.

The PAX-it Image Database is at the core of the PAX-it image management features.  While the PAX-it image filing system is elegantly simple to use for organizing image projects, the powerful relational database structure adds a deeper dimension for searching across whole PAX-it collections.

Where did I put that picture that was shot 6 months ago? or How can I view all the shots of a particular subject I need for my presentation?

These questions are easily answered, even after collecting thousands of images into different project folders, because each image is tagged with searchable data fields. Because PAX-it gives you the ability to relate the image data to your lab’s specific projects, database searches can be used to locate your items quickly and easily, according to tags that make sense to your needs.

The database setup is simple to follow, and is totally flexible and customizable by the user. You decide how many fields to use, what they will be titled, whether or not to use pull-down lists for data entry, and whether to require specific fields to be filled in. In short, PAX-it gives the tools to make the database experience flexible, functional, and easy no matter the user’s prior experience level.

Database searching is easy too! From simple queries of specific fields, to complex searches describing AND/OR statements, file attributes, measurement data, and organizational criteria, you can make your searches as wide or as narrow as is necessary to find the items you need. Search results may be viewed in table form including image data and thumbnails.

For those with corporately shared projects, PAX-it is fully SQL Server and Oracle compatible, and can be run as a site license. The linking of the PAX-it image database to a LIMS is made easy through ODBC or ADO. The PAX-it relational database is not a proprietary format with limited uses, but an industry standard structure allowing the user to take full advantage of its power.

Some  specific features of the PAX-it Image Database Software:

The Database is not limited to images! Other file types may be placed in the PAX-it collection and pulled up by database search criteria

  • Customizable by the user for their specific application
  • Unlimited number of user-definable fields
  • User definable drop down lists for selection of data to be entered into fields
  • Drop down lists may be linked to each other for added flexibility
  • Multiple database layouts are supported for different PAXit collections
  • Flexible layout construction, including the saving and restoring of database layouts
  • Search in QuickSearch mode from the toolbar, or using Simple or Advanced Search modes using data present in fields, by file attributes, or by filing criteria
  • Industry standard ODBC compliant structure
  • Supports Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access databases



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