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Easily configure your temperature profiles

Combine PAXcam and the PAX-it image database software with the popular Linkam thermal stages for a complete temperature control package! This package allows you to control the temperature limit, heating & cooling rates and hold times, all while capturing images into your image database in time lapse mode.  Combine the results into a full motion video file to watch the progression of your sample over time.

Data from the hot stage controllers are displayed on the computer screen, annotated on each individual image that is captured, and put into database  fields associated with each image!  Images are archived in your searchable PAX-it database.

Features Include:

  • Live preview up to 40 frames per second and high resolution image capture from integrated PAXcam digital camera.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface shows you the current reading from the stage for temperature and pressure.
  • Up to 100 temperature ramps can be executed in one profile.
  • Profiles include controls for temperature limits, rates, hold times, vacuum pressure and capture times.
  • Profiles may be saved and recalled for later use, for repetitive analyses
  • Themal Stage Control

    Sample Freeze Drying Over Time

    Ramps may be modified while they are being run, allowing you to increase the frequency of imaging, change the rate of heating or cooling, hold and restart a process manually, etc.

  • Temperature data is stored with each image as part of the Image ID Tag database fields or stamped as a textual overlay on the image.
  • All of the high-resolution images that you capture with the system are saved into the cabinet and folder image collection and database. Each of these images can be clearly labeled with the case that you are working on, or other tags of data, and retrieved via a database search.
  • After a profile is run, you may combine all of your results into an .avi movie file that can be stored into your database, burned to CD, placed in a presentation, or shared with others.

The PAX-it/PAXcam combination works with the Linkam heating stages and cooling stages. This combined package is unmatched in resolution, ease-of-use and powerful features. Contact us today to see how this is the perfect solution for you.


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